Well Water

Is My Water Safe??

Is My Water Safe to Drink?

The only way to know this answer is to have your water tested.

Clean, pure water is the best medicine. Humans, animals and plants all need clean water!

People think if the water is clear, the water is clean.  This is not always true.   Example: Lead, Arsenic, and Nitrates are undetectable by our human senses.

Protecting the Vulnerable

  • Infants
  • Elderly
  • Those with compromised immune systems
  • Pregnant Women

Example of unsafe water issues:  Lead, Pesticides, E.Coli, Nitrates

Unsafe water can contribute to known health conditions and cause health issues.

Having your water tested by a professional contractor will allow you and your contractor to make informed decisions about what if any treatment is needed.

Remember what it used to be like?  Our ancestors did the best they could to survive and no one had to explain to them the importance of clean water and soil, they knew this by nature, to survive.  They did not intend to harm for future generations. See more about Then & Now here.

What Mallard Can Do To Help:



Water Testing Service

Collecting a water sample directly from the water well for evaluation.  Color, odor, sediment, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, iron, calcium, sulfates, arsenic, E Coli, bacteria, lead, copper, and pesticides are some of the things tested for.

Water Well Inspection

Check of the water well, tank, and electrical components are in proper working order.  Upon completion of the inspection, a report is prepared with recommendations.

Water Filter Services

Treatment method tailored to address results of water test results.  Review of all the data including the age of the well, well depth, age of the pump, water level, aquifer system, known issues (if any) in your surrounding area.

To properly address for example, iron, it is important to know the test result.  This allows for the correct filter installation to address iron related issues, improving the water quality.  Once the filter has been installed, the water well is allowed to cycle, a follow up water sample is collected for filter evaluation purpose.  Depending upon the baseline or first result, and the sample once filter is installed, a schedule for filter maintenance will be written up.

Water Pump Check

Check of the voltage, amps, wiring connections, fouling, and flow rate.  Depending upon the depth of the water well and the type of pump, will depend upon the inspection.  A report with results is prepared and if needed, recommendations made.


Water Rehabilitation Check

Treatment method tailored to address the concerns listed in inspection report to restore proper function of the water well. Treatments will vary depending upon inspection results.