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Water Well Services

A maintained water well, pump and water tank is key to clean water.  Spending a little for inspections and maintenance saves you a lot of money in the long run and reduces the chance that your water well will stop working, leaving you and your family without water.


Water Well System maintenance is as important as maintenance to your vehicle or equipment.  Good maintenance assures longer life, better performance.

Ever curious what the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations are per the EPA?  Check it out!


Water Well Testing Services

We can test your water onsite and determine if any of the drinking water parameters exceed the EPA Clean Drinking Water Guidance.  We can make recommendations.  Some items like high iron content, calcium, hard water can be reduced by adding the correct filter.

Water Well Inspections

Depending upon the age of your well and pump, water tank, if located in potential flood area, or even concerned with heavy rain, thunderstorm activity, We conduct a visual inspection of casing, seal, wiring, and piping.  We will do an electrical check on breakers, pump control box, and wiring, check the pump and water tank to assure that it is operating correctly, check water level, and check the flow rate of your pump by calculating gallons per minute (gpm).  We have the option of going inside your water well with a downhole camera to evaluate the condition of well screen for buildup, which would reduce the gpm, sometimes affecting the operation of system.

Water Filter Services

Based upon your water results, for example, the result of the iron test, we will install a filter that will address those levels.  While purchasing a filter, a local store will help, but, depending upon the level, it may only reduce a small amount leaving you with a higher iron content, continued stains in sinks for example.  The filters are normally placed between where the water line the exits your water tank and enters your home.  A water location specific filter can also be placed for example under sink in kitchen, bathroom.   Once the filter is installed, and several gallons filtered, we will pull a water sample to compare to the original sample.  Depending upon the parameter that the filter is treating and or severity of the water, will depend upon how often the filter will need to be changed out.  We normally arrange to inspect filter, collect another water sample 2 weeks after install at no cost to the owner, compare the results, and make a recommendation to the owner.

Water Well Rehabilitation & Pump Repair

If you have water with high iron content or calcium for example, or if the system is older, over time your  pump and well will have a reduction in performance due to buildup.  To maintain and get the most out of the pump, improve performance, and be more energy efficient, we can pull the pump, clean it, go inside of the casing with a special brush, surge block the remove buildup, surge the screen to reset the sand pack (Note:  I do not recommend doing this by injecting air, depending upon age, screen type, it can crack the screen), redevelop the well, conduct a pump test before and after to show the increase of gpm, and possibly clear up water.  The pump electrical will be tested, depending upon the age, voltage, the results and recommendations will be provided with options to the owner.  If the pump needs to be replaced, we can return and replace the pump.

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