In the early days, our ancestors and families were doing the best they could to survive, to feed their families.  No one had to explain to them the importance of clean water and soil, they knew this by nature, to survive.  They did not intend to harm for future generations.

They had outhouses, not indoor plumbing of any type.  They burned or buried garbage that they could not find a use for. Some areas had cattle dipping vats.  They had no idea that what they used in an effort to protect cattle would be harmful to future generations

Very few people in modern times own the property that once belonged to their ancestors.  Even if they do, knowing the outhouse areas, buried garbage, garden locations, hog pens, chicken houses, horse stalls, cattle area, is extremely doubtful.

Through time, rain, snow, natural disasters, and sun, have caused decay, have allowed past activities to enter deeper into our soils and waters.  Most people do not realize that groundwater moves, similar to our streams and rivers, only at a much slower pace; it depends upon the depth to groundwater, the geology (soil type) of the areas.  While mother nature is great and cleaning, the soil types act as filters, the sun, temperature volatizes, rain and snow dilutes, all things introduced can be cleaned up by nature.

The only way to know for certain if your groundwater is pure and clean, is to have it tested.  Private well owners are responsible for the quality of their drinking water.  It is a myth that clear water is clean water.  Lead and Arsenic are two examples of contaminates that have no color, odor or odd taste.

Do it for you yourself, your family and your animals’ health; have your water tested.