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Pure Grit and Determination

Tina Peters of Mallard, Inc was honored to be highlight on PinkPetro’s blog in which Kat Boogaard wrote about how Tina Peters & Mallard Inc got started and became successful.   Read more here.

Custom Hard Hat

I am always on the look out for cool things in my industry… and found this company those does hard hats and had to get a custom one for Mallard. Check us out.. it’s the camo green one with a mallard and a drill bit on it. See our hard hat on Zimmer Designz...

Grit Award Finalist – Tina Still Has Girl Grit

Tina Mallard was announced as a finalist in the Pink Petro Grit Awards for making a difference as a women in the energy industry.  The winners would be announced at “HER World 2018” in Houston Texas this March. Nominations were submitted from all over the...