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Significant Projects & Experience

Significant Projects


  • Performed Sampling Activities of Surface Water, Monitoring Wells, Soils in accordance with
    Federal, State, Local Regulations
  • Project Manager for Contamination Assessment and Remedial Activities. Responsibilities,
    Health and Safety Site Manager, Sample Collection, Field Data Collection and Record Keeping.

  • Remedial System Installation Activities Manager, Scheduling of Subcontractors, Scheduling of
    Deliveries, Daily Record of Activities, Health and Safety Site Manager.
  • Project Manager or remedial construction activities for state government agencies, local government agencies, and privately-owned Pre-Approval Petroleum Sites located throughout the State of Florida. Responsibilities included oversight of subcontractors, on site supervision of field activities, implementation of site specific Health and Safety plans, as well as the coordination of regulatory agencies.
  • Installation of Monitoring, Remedial, Dewatering Wells in Accordance with Approved Scope of
    Work in Accordance with Federal, State and Local Guidelines.
  • Project Management and Conducted Numerous Phase I/II Environmental Assessments,
    Environmental Inspections for Private, Lending, Commercial, Government Clients.
  • Project Management and Conducted Numerous Environmental Inspections in Accordance with
    Approved Permit, Federal, State, Local Regulations.
  • Supervisor and Conducted Numerous Contamination Assessments, Remedial Activities for
    Private, Federal, Commercial, State and Local Agencies in accordance with Federal, State, Local
  • Design and Oversight of Private, Industrial, Agricultural Water Well Rehabilitation, Inspections,

  • Project Manager of Initial Remedial Action activities consisting of contaminated soil excavation, removal and disposal and Free-Product Recovery.  Responsibilities included subcontractor coordination, obtaining FDOT Right of Way Permits, proper documentation of manifests and communications with regulatory agencies.
  • Supervisor of Remedial System Installations, Operations and Maintenance for numerous petroleum clean-up sites throughout the State of Florida.  Activities consisted of trouble-shooting and reporting for air sparging, soil vapor extraction, and groundwater recovery remedial systems.
  • Project Manager for Environmental Attorneys pertaining to lawsuits on various sites of Environmental Concerns.  Responsibilities included the development of scope of work, oversight of field activities, data collection, environmental research, soil sampling, ground water sampling, and implementation of Health and Safety Plan. Expert witness regarding certain activities pertaining to landfills and petroleum sites.
  • Project Manager for numerous Environmental Assessments, Phase I and Phase II investigations of private, commercial and industrial properties.  Responsibilities included site reconnaissance, aerial photography interpretations, regulatory records research, implementation of soil and/or groundwater sampling activities for Phase II Monitoring Wells.
  • Project Manager for field activities regarding storm water and sediment sampling. Responsibilities included preparation of scope of work, research, oversight of field activities and data collection.
  • Supervisor of contamination assessment activities for the Florida Department of Agriculture as well as for private clients throughout the state for petroleum and non-petroleum clean-up sites.
  • Marketing Manager for the development of a broad client base in the private, commercial, and governmental marketplace.  Responsibilities included development of business contacts within the various market sectors, providing educational and marketing presentations for professional and civic organizations, negotiating contracts and conducting administrative operations.
  • Projects manager for several closed landfill investigations in the panhandle of Florida. Responsibilities included waste identification, assessment of waste contamination, conduction of compliance inspections to satisfy permit requirements and implementation of field activities consisting of soil, groundwater and surface water sampling.
  • Project Manager for a closed landfill monitoring program at a site int he panhandle of Florida.  Activities included supervision and/or implementation of filed tasks consisting of recovery well installation, groundwater sampling, waste identification and delineation, as well as implementation of remedial activities for landfill contamination investigation.
  • Project Manager for continuations landfill monitoring program. Activities included supervision and/or implementation of filed tasks consisting of Methane Gas Monitoring, Well Installation, ground water sampling, leachate sampling and waste identification for contamination investigation.

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“Tina’s work ethic and knowledge in her industry is amazing and her passion for helping the environment is worlds above the rest”

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