About Mallard

Organizations, Accreditation & Certifications

Professional Organizations

Mallard is pleased to have many professional designations and organizations with which we work or have worked with.

National Ground Water Association (NGWA)

National Drilling Association (NDA)

Florida Ground Water Association (FGWA)

Environmental Assessor's Association (EAA)

Florida Environmental Assessor's Association (FEAA)

Water Environmental Federation (WEF)

National Association of Professional Women

Pink Petro (Petropreneur)

National Rifle Association (NRA)

Ducks Unlimited



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Professional/Personal Affiliations

Mallard is honored and grateful to have business connections and working relationships with many wonderful companies. Check out a few of Mallard’s favorites. 

Accreditation & Certifications

Mallard is pleased to offer top notch professional services by being accredited in various areas of expertise thus being able to provide services to clients.

Florida Licensed Water Well Contractor

Mississippi Licensed Drilling Contractor

40 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER Training

Certified Personal Inspector - InterNACHI

Inspect Private Drinking Water Wells - InterNACHI

Rural Water Supplies & Water Quality - InterNACHI

Well Development-ISWD

Well Rehabilitation I & II Water Well Design-ISWD

Certified Monitoring Well Installation

Certified in Excavation and Trenching

Certified in Remedial System Operation and Maintenance

Certified Surface and Groundwater Sampling

Certified Storm Water Erosion Control Inspector

Certified Environmental Inspector / Assessor

Certified Environmental Consultant

Certified Environmental Manager

Certified Testing Specialist

Certified Remedial Specialist

Certified Heat & Cold Safety

Certified Work Zone Safety

Certified Heavy Equipment Safety

Class I Landfill Operator

Health & Safety Officer

Mississippi Licensed Geotechnical Driller

Nationally Certified in Monitoring Well Construction

NACHI - Inspect Private Drinking Water Wells

NACHI - Rural Water Supplies & Water Quality

ISWD - Well Development

ISWD - Well Rehabilitation I & II

Water Well Design

Certified Landfill Operator

Certified in Storage Tank Management & Contamination Assessment

FDEP Certified in Ground Water & Surface Water Sampling

Standards Technology Training Ground Water Monitoring & Sampling

Accreditation, Certifications & Organizations