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Tina Peters. 30+ Years of Experience. Dedication. Girl Grit.

Tina Peters


Environmental Consulting Business

Small Woman Owned Business (WBE)

Certified Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE)

NAICS CODES: 541330/541620/562910

Mallard, Inc. (Mallard) was established in 1996 as a woman owned and operated full service environmental consulting, Licensed Engineering and Geology business.  The vision of the owner was to provide clients with old-fashioned quality and service with ethics, keeping cost low regardless to the type of project or client.  The owner never intended to grow Mallard large, she committed to keep Mallard small, to assure quality, and to always available to clients.   The owner stayed directly involved, dealing with the clients, the regulators, and conducting field activities.  The company was started out of passion and desire.  Believing she was called to this profession, from birth, being raised on a farm, in a rural county located in Northwest Florida, she was taught the importance of being fruitful, the importance of clean pure water, good soil.  

Mallard’s services included Phase I/II assessments, Contamination Assessment, Remedial Design, Remedial Installation, Remedial Operation and Maintenance, and water quality monitoring.

These services were provided for petroleum, non-hazardous, and hazardous sites. Clients consisted of Banks, Realtors, Developers, Florida Department of Agriculture, Florida Division of Forestry, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, United States Military, County Government, City Government, Attorneys, Class I and C & D Landfills, Private Property Owners, Petroleum Site Owners, Petroleum Companies, Florida Water Management Districts, Mining Owners, Dairy Farms, Row Crop Farms, and National Consulting Firms. 

The owner of Mallard held, and holds more certifications and licenses, gaining knowledge and wisdom through hands on experience through the years with the vision of being able to focus more in future on Agriculture, Private Land Owners, Water Quality and Services. 

Since its beginning in 1996, Mallard has witnessed the changes in Government, rules & regulations, booming abundance of work when the economy was good, and the lack of work when the economy declined or disasters struck. 

Being directly involved with environmental, surface water, and groundwater, the owner could see what was happening concerning water quality related issues, the ever-changing regulations and policies that affect private citizens, businesses of all types, most of all the agricultural industry and rural communities. 

In 2017, the owner of Mallard began making decisions, tough choices for the future of Mallard and her career.  Resigning as a Petroleum Cleanup Contractor with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection after 20 years, assisting non-program, larger clients with locating another company to carry out services, the owner began focusing on how to take the knowledge and wisdom, first hand experiences of the environmental side, combine it with being a licensed driller and experience in water well, ground and surface water, to provide services for private well owners, the agriculture industry, and rural areas, with reasonable cost of services as a way to assure clean pure water, and assistance with changes in requirements of regulations. 

Our water quality throughout the United States has always been precious. Florida is unique to other states due to our fragile aquifer system.  The depth of water, and geology is different in each Water Management District throughout our state.  Sadly, most Federal, State, and Local Regulators do not take the rules and regulations and modify them for each area/district.  This creates issues and increased costs regardless of where you are located. 

After much time spent doing research and planning, listing services based upon first hand field experience, education, license, certifications, experience in dealing with Federal, State, Local Government, Mallard has developed  a set of services that provides services for private well owners, Agriculture Industry, Consulting Firms, Water Well Drilling Companies, Banks, Disaster Response situations.  Our mission is to do our part to assist in our future generations having quality water through testing, rehabilitation, education.  


American Owned, American Operated, Florida Based, Florida Native Owned Small Business


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Mission Statement

The philosophy behind Mallard, Inc. i to provide the best service at reasonable prices that allows our clients to continue to build their business while helping to sustain and grow healthy environment.

Our Client History

Mallard provides a variety of services to a variety of industries and companies:  Lenders, Developers, Landfills, Oil & Gas Distributors, Private Property Owners, Farmers, Water Management Agencies, Division of Forestry, Department of Agriculture, Federal Military Facilities, Auto Recycling Business, Timber Companies, Real Estate Companies, Land Management Companies, Land Mining Business, Environmental Attorney’s, Department of Transportation.

Our Service Area

Mallard and our established resources have provided services in:  Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas.

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