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Mallard, Inc

Water Well Testing, Inspections, Consulting

Water Well Services

A maintained water well, pump, water tank is key to clean water.  Spending a little for inspections, maintenance saves you a lot of money in the long run and reduces the chances that your water well will stop working, leaving you and your family without water. 

Mallard’s History

Mallard, Inc. (Mallard) was established in 1996 as a woman owned and operated full service environmental consulting, Licensed Engineering and Geology business.

The company was started out of passion and desire.  Believing she was called to this profession, from birth, being raised on a farm, in a rural county located in Northwest Florida, she was taught the importance of being fruitful, the importance of clean pure water, good soil.

The owner of Mallard held, and holds more certifications and licenses, gaining knowledge and wisdom through hands on experience through the years with the vision of being able to focus more in future on Agriculture, Private Land Owners, Water Quality and Services. 

What We Do


Water Well Services

Ensure you have clean drinking water

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Craft a plan to take you there

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Identify your path to growth

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“Tina works very hard to give customer best service.”

Wesley Tyler, Acct Exec, Adv Environmental Laboratories

“Tina is goal-oriented and a dedicated leader of her company.”

John Krabbe

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